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VisionPerio Interdental Brush Continuous Professional Development

By Lorna Milligan : GDC No.151824 – Combined diploma in dental hygiene and dental therapy, Lancs

1. What did you learn about the VisonPerio Interdental brush after reading the articles?

I learnt that VisionPerio Interdental brushes are used in a different way to commonly marketed interdental brushes. Then VisionPerio brush are inserted slowly into interdental spaces, using a wiggle motion and have coloured bristles which highlight deposits to visibly demonstrate the value of regularly using these aids for plaque removal.

2. What will you do more of as a result of the CPD?

I will consider the promotion of different interdental brush brands to different patients depending on their level of motivation.

3. What will you keep doing as a result of the CPD?

I will keep recommending interdental brushes for their incomparable value in the prevention and stabilisation of periodontal disease.

4. What will you do less of as a result of the CPD?

I will no longer consider TePe brushes as the only quality brand of interdental brushes. From personal use of the Vision samples, the Mini Vision interdental brushes appear much less prone to bending, and in comparison, last much longer and cost less than the well-known equivalent.

5. How can you demonstrate you have implemented changes as a result of the CPD?

I gave samples of these brushes, along with a super slim interspace brush to a new, highly motivated patient of mine who is very keen to avoid specialist referral. Despite carrying out meticulous oral hygiene, she was still experiencing bleeding from sites of localised moderate-severe pocketing 3 months post-periodontal treatment with my colleague. Feedback of the aids so far at a 1-week review has been very encouraging. If at the 3 monthly supportive care appointment, feedback still appears good and I can see clinical evidence of reduced pocket depth/bleeding, I will discuss the possibility of stocking these brushes with the practice principle.

6. Any other comments, thoughts or feelings?

The patient feedback was that she felt as if the brushes were more effective, and could ‘actually feel the bristles going under the gum’, she believed they were more durable than TePe’s and was still able to use the same brushes following 1 week of use. Despite this, they did take longer to use, so needed to set more time aside to complete interdental cleaning. This very small sample of feedback, along with my personal experience of using the Mini Vision interdental brushes makes me quite confident to recommend this product to motivated patients, due to the increased time needed for their correct use. But convincing my principle dentist of their value may not be quite as straight forward!


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