Oral Care

This Brush is designed for the successful control of Periodontal Diseases. It does more than remove food particles and plaque from deepened interdental sites because if used as directed it cleans gently below the edge of the gum reducing the plaque growing in the base of the crevice or pocket.

If you experience problems with plaque or gum disease, or your dentist has advised you to take extra care of your teeth and gums, then the VisionPerio Interdental Brushes are an easy, effective and great value for money solution for you.

They have been designed using extensive research and dozens of case studies in order to be both extremely effective, and easy to use. Much easier than floss, and much more effective at removing food particles and plaque from deep interdental sites.

The VisionPerio Interdental brush go beyond normal teeth cleaning products, because the multiple sizes ensure you can get deep into the spaces between your teeth and get down to the gums, which is where a build up of plaque and harmful bacteria often occurs. The brush will compress your gum tissue to get deep into the gum line and edge of your teeth, removing any plaque growing in the base of the crevice or pocket.

Mature plaque is harmful to your teeth, gums and bone, and when left untouched it can cause the gum and the bone that holds the teeth in place to decay and breakdown. This can lead to tooth pain, bad breath, loose teeth and even loss of teeth.

But with VisionPerio brushes, you can help protect your gums and look after your teeth, avoiding the need for expensive and potentially painful gum surgery. Ask your dental professional about VisionPerio Interdental Brushes today, or order directly from us here.

How to use the brushes