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Professional Testimonials

“I wish I had known about Vision brushes 10 years ago when I was at dental school. I truly believe patients would really benefit from it. VisionPerio Interdental brushes work better, easier, last longer and cheaper. Why wouldn’t you use them?”
B Blum
Hygienist, Surrey, Nov 2017

“I have tried these at one of the practices I work at and have found them to be very effective. The patients seemed to feel the difference straight away with one saying ‘I can feel them scrubbing more’. I do think these will be the way forward for perio patients. The only negative is with the wire being thin once patients started using them the felt as though they were slippery. Not sure if anything can be done about this as this may go against being more ecological. But a very good start, thanks.”
P L Hilson
Dental Hygiene/Therapist at Berwick Smile Dental Care, Oct 2017

“As a Dental Hygienist, I was trained with one of the commonly available brands. I was sceptical about change as many of us are, however having treated both my parents for years, I decided to try out VisionPerio Interdental brushes on them. I can see a huge difference in effectiveness, and both report that VisionPerio brushes last a lot longer without bending AND are easier to use than the other brands on the market.”
Dental Hygienist, Surrey, Nov 2017

“I received some samples of the Vision Perio interdental brushes last week. I’d always been a little sceptical about them and thought the wire end looked a bit lethal! I read the enclosed leaflet and demonstrated the brushes using the advised technique to a highly motivated patient with 6mm molar pockets. She said she could feel the difference between these and her normal i/d brushes immediately and asked when were we going to stock them? Order coming your way Vision…….”
Dental Hygienist, Kingston, Oct 2017

“Treatment has been done to a very high standard and I feel the [Perio] disease is currently stable. As such I feel it is perfectly reasonable to continue with Maggie Jackson and her supportive periodontal therapy.”
Dr I D
Specialist Periodontist, Feb 2018