Patient Reviews

Patient Reviews

How the perio brushes saved my life!

February 9, 2021

A long time a go, I discovered I had periodontal discease and I had lost so many teeth. I visited various dentists and hygenists, who unfortunately were not able to help me. The fact that noone could help me prevent further tooth loss, was absolutely devastating for me. Then a new lovely dentist who I started seeing recommedned Maggie Jackson, who is one of the most talented hygenists in the country and who designed the perio brushes, by the way. My dentist had so much trust in Maggie that he told me not to bother having any more appointments with him. Maggie was so passionate and enthusiastic about teeth and was so approachable. I really looked forward to my visits with Maggie as it was like visitng an old friend. After following Maggies’s advice and dental care, my teeth become stable and some years later continue to be so. The perio brushes were my saviour. There are so mnay sizes which means I can get in between any size gap. My teeth feel so much fresher and cleaner. I am not anxious anymore about the possibility of anymore teeth loosening as I continue to get rid of the debris and plaque that builds up. I can’t recommend them enough as I have tried so many different types of flosses to interdental brushes whihc do not come close to the results you get with the perio brushes. A massive heartfelt thank you to Maggie who saved my life in so many ways!

mala gabriella karmella ghosh

3 years on...

November 22, 2020

3 years on now using vision brushes my self & my dentist have seen a great improvement on my overall oral care no more sore bleeding gums & I can smile with confidence they also last really well I find around 3/4months so also cost affective too


Vision Brushes

September 11, 2018

I was introduced to these brushes by a colleague in work who had been recommended them by her dentist. She was telling me how much her gums had improved since using them so I thought I would have a go. I haven’t looked back since! my gums are so much healthy now. Bleeding has stopped and they feel strong, even my own dentist has seen a difference. The brushes are strong so last a while. I highly recommend them, I’m really pleased with them.

Sarah Ellis

Response from VisionPerio

Fantastic news! Thank you for your feedback. VisionPerio Team

“I was delighted with the support, education and team work offered by all the dental professionals. The introduction of the VisionPerio Interdental Brushes helped me to manage my own Perio which gave me a sense of control, but not only that, I was able to avoid gum surgery which would have come with a £700+ bill!”
Patient C T
Warrington, Feb 2018

“I have been using VisionPerio Interdental Brushes since being introduced to them by my Hygienist. She explained how to use the brushes at my first appointment, I have found them very easy to use from the word go. I was given a mix of brush sizes, and started to use them from the first night. The brush are durable and have lasted a really long time, and don’t bend the same as other brushes I have used in the past.

“I am really pleased with the results and my gums have completely stopped bleeding, plus my mouth now feels healthier!”
Patient I G
Mossley April 2018