Case Studies

Perio Disease Case Study No.1


Patient C T, Aged 52 from Warrington


Patient C T had a long history of periodontal disease. She was referred by her dentist to Hygienist, Maggie Jackson as the dentist knew Maggie has worked in specialist dental practices for many years with patients who had periodontal diseases. Over the next seven years, the Patient made regular hygiene visits to Maggie, and had great success using VisionPerio Interdental brushes.

Patient C T’s previous oral hygiene routine included regular teeth brushing, with the occasional use of dental floss as she had believed this was helpful in removing food debris. Prior to being treated by Maggie she had not been educated on what she could do to get her periodontal disease under control, and had never used interdental brushes.

Some of the brushes had to be very large with a diameter of (size1) 12mm, going down to a 2.5mm (size 6) brush in the different spaces where she had lost bone support for her loosening teeth.

With the professional referral, for which she is grateful, Maggie’s advice and treatment, especially the daily use of VisionPerio Interdental brushes the Patients Periodontal disease is currently under control.

Recent radiographs showed that whilst the gum pockets had receded to a healthy state however, there had been a previous deterioration of bone which is sometimes possible for a specialist to repair. This led the dentist to refer her on to Dr I D, a specialist periodontist, and a lecturer in periodontology, training other professionals and at a leading UK University.


Dr I D assessment of the patients were that:

A diagnosis of generalised aggressive Periodontitis that is stable.

“The Patient, had used VisionPerio Interdental brushes with great effect, with no visible appearance of plaque which is a great sign of consistent hygiene levels. All pocket were shallow and no bleeding on probing, all excellent signs of periodontal health and stability.”

“Even into the base of the bone crater with 80% bone loss there was a tight, shallow, non-inflamed area. This was quite amazing and something I have not seen before, possibly due to the technique and brand of interdental brushes she uses.

“The patient’s treatment has been done to a very high standard and should continue with Maggie Jackson with her supportive Periodontal therapy.”
Dr I D, Specialist Periodontist and lecturer.

“I was delighted with the education and treatment offered by my current dental professionals. The introduction of the VisionPerio Interdental Brushes helped me to manage my own Periodontal disease which gave me a sense of control, but not only that, I was able to avoid gum surgery which would have come with a £800+ bill!”

The patient, C T Aged 52 from Warrington

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Case Study No.2 – Size does matter


Root debridement with little obvious space

Visible bone loss.
Unsupported “spongy” papilla.


Tried largest brush first to ensure tight fit

In this case study due to bone loss 12mm brush fits by compressing the papilla.

Too small a brush just acts like a toothpick and doesn’t remove the plaque from the root surface effectively.


Two weeks later

Gingival shrinkage reveals subgingival calculus allowing easier access.

Easier maintenance for patient and professional.


Just look at the subgingival reach

The curve in the brush allows for a deeper clean.

Bristles reach into the pocket achieving subgingival plaque removal.

Full range available – sizes from 12mm down to 2.5mm.